our philosophy

Our mission is to collaborate with our clients and provide them with an atmospheric environment that not only enlivens their senses and stimulates their imagination, but expands their consciousness of their outdoor space while saving them time, money and energy. Through experience, we have learned that a personalized approach leads to a unique landscape. Our designs begin with our client's vision and we are committed to understanding that vision as our clients do. As a result, we treat each project as if it is our only project.



Our History

Landscape Renovations was founded in 2001 and is the life-long dream of John Gunneson. With the support of his wife, Sandy, who has the mighty skill of organization, the dream became reality and Landscape Renovations blossomed. It is a family owned and operated company based out of Cedar Springs, MI, and offers a variety of outdoor services for its clients. 


Meet John

John Gunneson is the owner of Landscape Renovations, and the mastermind behind all of its designs and projects. With an education in horticulture, over thirty years in the field and a natural intuition for color and composition, his designing style can be described as organic and thoughtful. He is inspired by nature, and is conscious of every element he includes in his work, whether it is the soothing, trickling sounds of a cascading waterfall, or the wind rustling through tall grasses. He believes in the power of having a personal getaway and outdoor haven.

A family man and father of five girls, John enjoys a good time spent in his backyard on a warm Michigan summer evening, grilling over a fire and sitting pond-side, surrounded by the people he loves.