Growing Nursery

Our growing nursery is our pride and joy and we continue to expand into our twenty-six acres every year.  These are spring and fall dig only and will be available to our customers in 2019 or 2020.

Our first step in planting our trees for growing is preparing the soil, killing weeds, gridding off the field and auguring a hole. Then, we plant the whips (an unbranched tree seedling) in clumps or a single stem. We fertilize every tree without pesticides and regularly weed our fields. In the winter, we place tree guards around the trunk to prevent damage from rodents. We take every step of the growing process and all seasons into consideration to ensure happy, healthy trees.

What We're Growing

River Birch
Red Buds
Dawn Redwoods
Dwarf Flowering Crabs
Norway Spruce
Black Hill Spruce

B&B Nursery

These trees have already reached a more mature age and are ready for selling and planting at any time of the year. We keep a variety of shade and evergreen to provide a wide range of trees to choose from. We are always bringing in new and different stock and love walking through this green paradise with our clients. Schedule an appointment with us to check out what we currently have in stock!